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(Identyfikacja, Logo, Web) / 2015

Analiza Briefu

Atka is a family clothing business that we put into effect with my sister. It is based on production of author's clothing in a limited quantity. The products include hand-made clothing, mainly using different types of wool, but also many interesting accessories, for example, used to décor of an apartment, sold on-line in the beginning. We have been working on a graphic design for Atka for some time. We have started from designing a Logo. It was originally supposed to be simple and easy to transfer it using different media.

Pomysł Realizacja

A few propositions were created (presented below). We have finally chosen a version with a ball of wool integrated into a letter A. Another stage is designs of labels, product packagings, business cards and remaining elements of visual identification. We wanted brand elements to be associated with the logo, therefore, we have chosen packages in the shape of a ball of wool. Branding was divided into 3 basic colours that characterize activity of the company. At the moment, we design an on-line store where we will sell our products.

Colours of project

Project is based on 3 main colours.


Logo structure

Basic structure of a sign. Description and

dimensioning of the logo on the net.


Process of Creation

Process of creation of the sign and refining logo elements.

We made a few cosmetic changes aiming at improving clarity

of the Logo, which is illustrated on the graphics below.

Business Cards

3 different colour versions of

business cards made of stiff medium.

Remaining version

Versions which were created during a process of creation.

We may make use of them in promotional materials as additions.

Elements of visual identification

Headed paper, business cards, folder, stationery used for packing, product packagings, labels.


(Cap / Handmade)

Website / on-line shop